Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Good Am I, If... A Cry for Charity and Justice

Just found this powerful song from iconic British pop singer Tom Jones, who has reinvented himself as a gospel singer.  His moving rendition of "What Good Am I" particularly struck me as a powerful call to love our neighbor - to step out of our egocentrism and reach out to help, in charity and the change the lives of the unfortunate by working for justice. A great song to meditate on for Lent.

Here are the lyrics:

What good am I - if I'm like all the rest 
If I just turn away - when I see how you're dressed 
If I shut myself off - so I can't hear you cry 
What good am I? 

What good am I - if I know and don't do 
If I see and don't say - if I look straight through you 
If I turn a deaf ear - to the thundering sky 
What good am I? 

What good am I - while you softly weep 
And I hear in my head - what you say in your sleep 
And I freeze in the moment - like the rest who don't try 
What good am I? 
What good am I? 

What good am I then - to others and me 
If I've had every chance - and yet still fail to see 
With my hands tied must I - not wonder within 
Who tied them and why - and where must I have been? 

What good am I if I say foolish things 
And I laugh in the face - of what sorrow brings 
And I just turn my back - while you silently die 
What good am I? 
What good am I? 
What good am I?

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