Saturday, March 19, 2011

Second Sunday of Lent: Discipleship of Witness

Here is what will appear this weekend in my parish bulletin - the second installment of our examination of the 5 elements of mature discipleship described in paragraph 75 of the RCIA:

As we continue our Lenten journey with those to be baptized at Easter, we are their examples of mature baptized disciples.  RCIA section 75 says that those preparing for baptism learn from the community to “give witness to the faith.”  All the baptized should be evangelists for Jesus Christ in their words and deeds – and give testimony publicly to the goodness of God.  We do that when we live the teachings of Jesus in all our relationships and commitments, but we also should never to be afraid to tell about our faith.  The adults preparing for baptism and the children of our community look to us to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and to learn to speak of it themselves.  Quite simply, this is how the Catholic faith is passed on.  Do you live your faith “out loud?”  Do you talk to your children and friends about how God has helped you?

We learn of Jesus’ Transfiguration in today’s Gospel from the words of the disciples who were there that day and saw what happened. The witness of the Gospel writers, who carefully preserved every detail, has passed the faith down to us.  Our baptism calls us to pass it to others.  Lent is a time to consider how  we can  have the courage to be a witness.

Joyce Donahue, for the St. John’s Liturgy Planning Committee

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