Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And I Was Just Wondering What We Would Say...

Over at the LTP Roman Missal blog today, Tood Williamson gives a good answer to something that occurred to me the other day. (Yes, in case you are wondering, I actually do have other things to worry about besides the New Roman Missal!)

What, I wondered, after the new translation of the Mass is implemented, will we teach kids to say at Confirmation when the Bishop anoints them?

Bishop: "Be sealed with the Holy Spirit."  Confirmand: "Amen."
Bishop: "The Lord be with you."  Confirmand:  "Ummmm?!" 

By rights, the response, until the Rite of Confirmation is revised, should not be changed. However, the new formula we will be saying at Mass "And with your spirit" will, no doubt bring many a DRE to the phone to call the diocesan offices to ask.

Williamson says it is OK to be messy for a while. We may just have to do that.

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