Thursday, March 17, 2016

Review: From Mary's Heart to Yours

Whether you have a strong devotion to Mary, or are just curious as to how her experiences described in scripture can support you in your own life struggles, this set of three short presentations on Mary, the mother of Jesus, will give you opportunities for new insights.

In her latest DVD, From Mary's Heart to Yours, Dr. Mary Amore, of Mayslake Ministries, brings her keen understanding of the spiritual life to to three crucial moments in Mary's life (the unsettling life changes due to the Annunciation and her subsequent pregnancy, parenting Jesus - as a 12-year old and as an adult gone off to ministry, and the experience of his Crucifixion) and asks key questions about our own experiences to help viewers find parallels.

The reflections are thought-provoking and alternately comforting and challenging, enhanced by the reflection questions that ask us to examine our own related experiences.

The addition of three ritual prayer services, complete with both printed and video instructions, makes this an easy resource for parish leaders to use with any group of adults.

I think this could be a great small or large group experience - especially for mature adults, who will no doubt find it easy to make multiple appropriate life connections.

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