Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Apologia pro vita mea... or where I have been of late

Apologies for the sparse posting of late on this space. Lest you think I will be 'fessing up to the sin of Sloth at my next confession, let me fill you in on where I have been investing my energy. Possibly this is more information than you wanted, but I feel I owe my "regular" readers a bit of an explanation.

  • All summer, I worked on revising and recreating an online course, "Ecumenism in Parish Life" for University of Dayton VLCFF
  • August to November is the busy time in our office - lots of training events and gatherings for catechists and parish catechetical leaders. I love it but it pretty much saps my energy.
  • October-November I facilitated an online class - which pretty much occupies my evenings after parish meetings and rehearsals.
  • Just before Christmas, I researched and wrote an article "Mystagogy on the Mass: If We Teach Them They Will Come", which has just been published in the March/April issue of Pastoral Liturgy magazine (possibly available on their website soon)
  • Then there were the holidays...
  • Then the flu... 
  • For the past 5 weeks, I have been facilitating two rather involved online courses for the VLCFF
  • Then there was the time spent revising and expanding my website The Liturgical Catechist.
  • Set up and promoted the Facebook presence for my website  
  • Most recently, I have been occupied with events leading up to the premature birth of my first grandchild, Emma
OK, enough with the Litany of Excuses, already!   Again, I apologize. Perhaps this guy said it best:

Life. It's what happens between the blog posts.
The busy Liturgical Catechist.

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