Friday, February 18, 2011

New Roman Missal Course from University of Dayton VLCFF - Register Now!

A second section has been opened up...  and there is still time to register for the new 5-week online course "Roman Missal: Preparing for the New Translation" which begins its first run on March 13.   I am excited to be one of the facilitators of this excellent course created by Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman, which will lead you through the background and meaning of the changes and challenge you to reflect on how you handle change - to prepare you as a parish leader to help others negotiate the changes.  Click the link above to view the course description.
 If you are new to VLCFF, view the course description and then go to the home page and click on the lower left where it says "become a new student" - then click calendar, scroll down to Cycle 2, and find the course name.  Click to register.  If your diocese is a member of VLCFF, the registration fee is $40 - otherwise $90... 

Don't miss this chance to prepare yourself to help your parish become an MRIII - compliant parish that not only complies with the Vatican's desire that we use the new translation, but one that embraces a renewed and fuller understanding of the Eucharist and why the words we say at Mass really do matter!

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