Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So, what does the average Catholic know about the new Roman Missal?

Not much, apparently.  I am finishing up facilitating the final week of "Introduction to Liturgy" for University of Dayton VLCFF - and in this last session, it's kind of Q & A time about liturgy. I asked if anyone wanted to know anything about the upcoming changes in the Mass - and got the message board equivalent of blank stares. Not one of them had heard the changes are coming. These are mostly Catholic school teachers and catechists - and apparently no one in their parish has yet mentioned this to them.

Although knowledge of the changes has caused some people around the country to become angry and resistant, the very fact that these average INVOLVED Catholics have not heard anything (these are not the pew-warmers - they are active in their parishes) is of concern. After all - we are human - and change takes some getting used to.  People need to have the time to get past the initial bewilderment and anger before they can get anywhere near acceptance.

Further evidence that we have a lot of work to do in catechizing people before the new translations become widely accepted.  

I will be interested to follow my students' discussion over the next few days to see their reactions to my explanation of what is changing and why.

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