Sunday, May 10, 2009

Helping the Assembly Prepare for Sunday Liturgy

Often it is recommended that all members of the Assembly at Mass prepare themselves beforehand by studying and praying the readings. For that to happen, parishes need to provide or recommend resources for studying the readings. Although there are many good printed resources, such as LTP's annual At Home With the Word, or magazines like The Word Among Us, it may be time to recommend places adults can go on the web (besides the obvious USCCB Sunday reading site).

The Sunday Website of the Center for Liturgy at St. Louis University, is a ministry of the St Louis Jesuits. This site features a high quality page for each Sunday of the year, complete with links to texts of the readings, a short prayer based on the gospel, a spirituality section that includes poems, reflections and more. There is even a section for SLU student reflections. These are great resources for using with adults at parish meetings, to recommend to people to use at home, etc. Take a look!

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