Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Joy: Committing to Positive Social Media for 50 Days

Lots of people have noted with sadness the decidedly negative turn that American politics has taken - and the accompanying flurry of negative posts on social media. (I even know one person who has taken an account down in reaction to the craziness.)   Of course, negativity on social media is nothing new... and yes, I've done it.

Yesterday was Easter Day - for Catholics, the beginning of 50 days of celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, culminating with Pentecost, which commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit and, by tradition, the founding of the Church. We are called to be "alleluia people" who sustain the joy of Easter for at least that 50 days.

So, what if...

What if people committed to 50 days of positive posts on social media? What if we refused to share negative humor or posts that mock people?  That doesn't mean we stop sharing news of concern, but that we make a commitment to being positive in every way we can.  What do you say?  Can we try this?  I'm going to. Who knows? It might just become a good habit.

Use the hashtag #Easterjoy if you wish.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Karen. I hope it catches on.

  2. You're welcome! I was faithful to the challenge and very much enjoyed sharing positive and joyful messages on my FB page. I think it also made me mindful of skipping past so much of the negative things that seem to come across on FB.

    1. You're welcome! I found myself especially choosing not to share some of the negative political posts. Might become a habit!